A major trend of the activities of Index-Bulgaria is the development of application software products.

System DOCUMENTOOBOROT (Document Flow) (new version) - computerization and management of operation with documents (including electronically signed) in offices and organizations. Provides management tools for the so called “electronic administration” and electronic public services.

System MEDIA is designed for automated processing and provision of data from publications and other materials from the mass media sources. The system processes data about publications and other materials from the mass media in different fields (politics, economy, sport, culture, science, education, etc.) without restrictions to their type (articles, analyses, reporting, correspondence, inquiries, etc.).

System BIBLIOTEKA (Library) – computerization of library activities. Creation of information connections between publications and other documents registered in the system. The system is designed for automation and information support of library activities in the offices and organizations.

System CLASSIFIED INFORMATION (new product) processing and storage of classified information documents. Computerizes and manages operation with paper, electronic and electronically signed documents that contain classified information in accordance with the requirements of the Classified Information Protection Law and the Regulations for its administration.

System PERSONAL AND INDUSTIAL SECURITY (new product) for computerization of the activities related to investigation of legal persons for the purpose of security, and natural persons for reliability, in accordance with the Classified Information Protection Law and the Regulations for its administration.

System   ARCHIVE - designed for storage and processing of archival documents with various content, provision of documents from the archive to the users - by their characteristics, by the subject of their content, by objects that come from the content (persons, organizations, companies, etc.) and events.     

  MEDIA PLAN   automation of advertisement activity processes, improvement of information support for the manager’s activity, help on the implementation in practice of a unified technology for the employees of the advertising companies, and provision of connection between the automated system and the non-automated funds.

automates storage of images, documents, music and video files and their characteristics (description) in the information database. The system provides access and their retrieval from the base by setup search criteria. The system is designed to help the activities of publishers and electronic media, for creation of image and audio-visual file archives, their maintenance and use.


System VISITOR CONTROL - designed to issue pass permissions and perform control over outside visitors to the office-buildings of large organizations.

AIS “ Visitor Control” processes and stores information about:

·         Visits of persons to the building " -  data for performed by persons visits to the building;

·         " Permission of access to external visitors ” – data for permissions for access to the building, given to persons;

·         " Prohibition of a visit to the building ” – data for persons, in respect to whom strict security precautions should be taken at the preliminary check up, or should not be admitted to the building.

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