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1. Dell Business Multimedia Keyboard - KB522 - US International (QWERTY) - Цена: 37.50 лв. с ДДС
Wired keyboard for everyday business use
The Dell Wired Business Multimedia Keyboard provides an all-around solution for everyday business computing. The keyboard's 104 keys with mid-profile keycaps allow for efficient, comfortable data input.
Shortcut and multimedia keys for quick commands
Two USB ports for expanded connectivity
Built into the keyboard are two USB 2.0 ports, which allow you to connect low-power devices, such as a mouse or thumb drive, and expand your computer's capabilities.

2. Лазерна Мишка Dell Laser Scroll USB (6 Buttons) - Цена: 18 лв. с ДДС
Device Type: Laser Mouse
Connector minimum: USB
Print technology: Laser Exploratory Motion
With 6 buttons easy to use
Radio 400 A 1600 DPI

3. Комплект Клавиатура и Мишка Dell Multi-Device Wireless - KM7120W - US International (QWERTY) – Цена: 145 лв. с ДДС

Conveniently switch
Seamlessly connect to three PCs. The two Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4GHz wireless connection methods allow you to switch easily across your laptop, desktop or 2-in-1 with a click of a button.
Easy Pairing
Instantly pair each device with your compatible Windows 10 system via Bluetooth without having to configure in Settings every time with Microsoft Swift Pairi. Compatibility with Windows, Chrome, Android and Mac provide maximum flexibility across all your devices.
Built to last
With 36 months of battery life, it lasts 3 times longer than its previous generation. Now you do not have be concerned with frequent battery replacements.
Simply reliable
Rest assured of the quality. Should it not work within the 3-year warranty period, Dell’s Advanced Exchange Service ships you a replacement combo the next business day so your work is uninterrupted. Rigorous testing ensures that the combo works perfectly with your Dell system.
Precise tracking
Rapid responses via the 1600 DPI sensor helps you navigate effortlessly, especially across your high-resolution 4K screen. Its optical sensor offers accurate tracking and is ideal for use on most desk surfaces.

Dell Business Multimedia Keyboard - KB522
Dell Business Multimedia Keyboard - KB522

Dell Laser Scroll USB (6 Buttons)
Dell Laser Scroll USB (6 Buttons)

Dell Multi-Device Wireless - KM7120W
Dell Multi-Device Wireless - KM7120W


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